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Andres Bike Park is run by volunteers and is built on public land. The most important way we can get it going and working for you is with your financial support. Many of you have asked for this park to be built so we’re asking you to do one more thing – put your money where your mouth is. Vote with your dollar and vote for Andres Bike Park.

Platinum SponsorTax deductible donation of $15000 or more. Trail naming rights and signage on trail. Name and recognition as Platinum Sponsor on a permanent plaque at entrance to Andres Park, along with recognition on the  CAMBr and Andres Park websites.

Gold SponsorTax deductible donation of $10000 or more. Trail feature naming rights. Name and recognition as Gold Sponsor on a permanent plaque at entrance to Andres Park, along with recognition on the CAMBr and Andres Park websites.

Silver SponsorTax deductible donation of $5000 or more. Name and recognition as Silver Sponsor on permanent plaque at entrance to Andres Park, along with recognition on the CAMBr and Andres Park websites.

Bronze SponsorTax deductible donation of $1000 or more. Name and recognition as Bronze Sponsor on permanent plaque at entrance to Andres Park, along with recognition on the CAMBr and Andres Park websites.

Bike Shop FounderTax deductible donation of $500. Name and recognition on the Andres Park website as a park founder.

Individual FounderTax deductible donation Name and recognition on the Andres park website as a park founder.

Please contact us at [email protected] to further discuss sponsorship opportunities.

ABP – Andres Bike Park Sticker

Price: $5.00


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This is an Andres Bike Park sticker in the style of a country code sticker. 4″ wide by 3″ tall oval weather resistant white vinyl sticker. It’ll handle the elements for up to 4 years! Stick it to your helmet, car, truck, bike, dog, sister, whatever! Great way to both support Andres Bike Park with money as well as spread the word about its awesomeness.

Anything remaining after the cost of the sticker goes back into supporting the park and keeping it open for all to enjoy. Thanks for your support!

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