Pivot Demo Day 2013 was AWESOME

Hey friends! It’s been a while since our last update and a while since the big Pivot Bikes Demo Day and wow, are we still recovering! It was a blast. We could not have hoped for a better turnout with a better group of people all day. We gave away some helmets to kids, gave away some raffle items, rode some GREAT bikes, got some KILLER photos of great riders, and exposed the park and sport to tons of new riders who didn’t even know it existed. In total, CAMBr North raised over $900 for further trail development, maintenance, and sport educational and equipment opportunities in the area. This was a great success and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our sponsors.

Jeff Provisor over at Main Street Bikes was instrumental in getting this put together on an already busy weekend. Pete at Main Street manned the grill and kept us all from becoming divas.

The guys at Pivot were great! They brought out their whole travel fleet of some 30 bikes and damn near every one of them were out on the trail at once. They rode amazingly well and we hope to see them again next year at Andres!

Additional support came from Mavic Wheels, Village Pedaler, Village Pizza and Pub of C’ville, Peapod, Village Cyclesport, Heinen’s Fine Foods.

Finally, of course, we wouldn’t be here without the support of the volunteers who help build and maintain the park as well as the support we’re getting from the Village of Carpentersville and her residents in the area.

Now, enjoy the weather and ride the park!


2 thoughts on “Pivot Demo Day 2013 was AWESOME

  1. I am going to be in Bloomingdale next week (Wed-Fri). I am a FORC member and looking for some single track close to that area. Any suggestions? Andres Park doesn’t look like it has that much yet

    • Hey Jeff,

      We have a bit under a mile at Andres Bike Park. Another park with trails we maintain is Raceway Woods at IL Route 31 and Huntley Road in Carpentersville as well. We have about a mile of maintained single track there as well.

      Maybe something like Palos or Saw Wee Kee is more what you’re looking for? For a full list of CAMBr maintained trails along with maps to the trailheads, check out this link: http://cambr.org/conditions

      With all the rain we’ve been having, keep an eye on the trail conditions as we try to keep off of them while muddy.


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