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#getPumped! Andres Bike Park is a Bell Built Central Region Finalist

Time to work and #getPumped for a pump track at Andres Bike Park! We got the news that IMBA and Bell have selected Andres Bike Park as one of four Central Region Finalists for a piece of $100,000 to expand the bike parks across the US. BOOM!

The hard work is just starting. Voting begins on April 21st and ends on May 4th for your favorite project. We’ll be rallying the troops, getting the word out, and trying to get our dirty paws on that cash and help needed to make Andres Bike Park even better than ever for our riders and for the Carpentersville community.

HUGE thanks to IMBA and Bell Helmets for this opportunity and we can’t WAIT to #getPumped.

Andres Park wants to #getPumped

CAMBr has applied for this year’s Bell Built grant in the Central region to build a pump track! A lot has happened over the last year at Andres Park and we’d like to make a huge addition to the park with a brand spankin new pump track. See this video to get a quick look at all we did last year:

This year, we hope to have a huge year and we hope Bell Helmets will select Andres Bike Park as the next place to build a pump track. I know the riders here would love it and I know that the kids in the neighborhood will love it too.

November Trails Update (aka, freeze/thaw)

A LOT has been happening at Andres Park in the couple of months since our last update, but I’d like to focus this post on an important time in midwest trail lifecycle – the freeze/thaw cycle.

The weather is beginning to get cold enough at night to freeze the ground and warm enough in the day to thaw it out which means our dirt trails turn to slop and stay that way very easily and for a much longer time. This is also the time of year we see volunteer numbers dwindle since rays is open and no one, not even us, wants to work when it’s this cold out. This is easily the most destructive time of year for our trails.

What to do?

Use your common sense and save us all some time and work – if the trails are wet, PLEASE don’t ride them. If you see deep ruts or any other issues, hit us up on Facebook or in the comments here and let us know. You can also keep an eye on trail conditions at here: Andres Park Trail Status.

I hate getting preachy, so I’ll close with this – it’s been an AWESOME summer building this place with you and we’re working on spreading the word and getting more funding to build more features for our mountain biking and bmx friends. Big things are coming over the next year. The park is open year round as long as it’s dry and/or frozen, so keep on getting out there and tearing it up!

Pivot Demo Day 2013 was AWESOME

Hey friends! It’s been a while since our last update and a while since the big Pivot Bikes Demo Day and wow, are we still recovering! It was a blast. We could not have hoped for a better turnout with a better group of people all day. We gave away some helmets to kids, gave away some raffle items, rode some GREAT bikes, got some KILLER photos of great riders, and exposed the park and sport to tons of new riders who didn’t even know it existed. In total, CAMBr North raised over $900 for further trail development, maintenance, and sport educational and equipment opportunities in the area. This was a great success and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our sponsors.

Jeff Provisor over at Main Street Bikes was instrumental in getting this put together on an already busy weekend. Pete at Main Street manned the grill and kept us all from becoming divas.

The guys at Pivot were great! They brought out their whole travel fleet of some 30 bikes and damn near every one of them were out on the trail at once. They rode amazingly well and we hope to see them again next year at Andres!

Additional support came from Mavic Wheels, Village Pedaler, Village Pizza and Pub of C’ville, Peapod, Village Cyclesport, Heinen’s Fine Foods.

Finally, of course, we wouldn’t be here without the support of the volunteers who help build and maintain the park as well as the support we’re getting from the Village of Carpentersville and her residents in the area.

Now, enjoy the weather and ride the park!

Pivot Bikes Demo Day – Sunday, 8/18/2013

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Andres Bike Park and Mainstreet Bikes of Carpentersville will be playing host to a Pivot Bikes Demo Day on Sunday, August 18th, 2013 from 11 AM to 4 PM at the skills area at Andres Bike Park. Thanks to Mainstreet Bikes in Carpentersville, IL for putting this whole thing together.

We’ll be having food in the way of hotdogs and other snacks as well as some sweet new Pivot Bikes for you all to ride. We’ll also have some giveaways, raffles, and some food provided.



Parking is available at the Boys and Girls Club in Carpentersville as well as on Tulsa Ave. and Austin Ave.

Update 1 – 8/6/2013

We have some exciting additions to the pot for our giveaways at the bit Demo Day Out coming up on the 18th. Should sweeten the deal a bit, I think!

First, Village Pedaler of South Elgin has graciously donated ‘a pile of helmets and other gear’ to giveaway as part of our raffle! Very stoked to have them on board and helping support our community bike park in such a huge way!

Second, Auto Spa of Barrington has stepped up and offered us two (2) gift certificates good for a full interior and exterior auto detailing for raffle as well. They are valued at $195 each and are TOTALLY worth it. Our friends over at Motor Werks use them often and they are amazed at the work they do to make their cars showroom ready.

Update 2 – 8/8/2013

Mainstreet Bikes and Mavic have come through huge with a donation of a 2014 Crossmax ST 26″ wheelset valued at $800! Stay tuned for how you can help fund the park AND get this awesome wheelset for your very own as well. A raffle/donation will be involved, of course!

Also, we’ve been working super hard this week and will be over the weekend and into next week to get the park primed and ready for this demo day. This Saturday, we’ll be out with the heavy machinery cutting new lines, fixing jumps, and building new features. Stick around – great things are happening at Andres Bike Park.

Thanks to the sponsors who are stepping up to make this a day to remember in our inaugural year at Andres Bike Park!

Andres Bike Park was a hive of activity this weekend!

Mountain bikers from all over Chicago and local riders flocked to Andres Bike Park this weekend to ride the jump lines and trails. Most people left with big smiles on their faces looking forward to their next visit. Compliments all round. Some loved the single track, others the jumps, yet others the close proximity to Raceway Woods trail system just a few miles away. Even though the new lines that were cut on Thursday and Friday were not fully complete people were riding them and getting in the groove. Andres Bike Park is going to rock. Keep an eye on the calendar at for workdays. We are all volunteers doing this for charity, come and help us in this one of a kind trail system in Chicago.

The vision is becoming a reality

These are some of the folks enjoying Andres Bike Park on Tuesday evening. The jump lines are proving to be very popular with all the riders. They have been designed so that a beginner can roll over them and an advanced rider can jump them. The singletrack is still new and is more challenging to ride for a novice mountain biker. Over time these trails will settle down as more people ride them.

AndresBikePark 2013-07-02

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