November Trails Update (aka, freeze/thaw)

A LOT has been happening at Andres Park in the couple of months since our last update, but I’d like to focus this post on an important time in midwest trail lifecycle – the freeze/thaw cycle.

The weather is beginning to get cold enough at night to freeze the ground and warm enough in the day to thaw it out which means our dirt trails turn to slop and stay that way very easily and for a much longer time. This is also the time of year we see volunteer numbers dwindle since rays is open and no one, not even us, wants to work when it’s this cold out. This is easily the most destructive time of year for our trails.

What to do?

Use your common sense and save us all some time and work – if the trails are wet, PLEASE don’t ride them. If you see deep ruts or any other issues, hit us up on Facebook or in the comments here and let us know. You can also keep an eye on trail conditions at here: Andres Park Trail Status.

I hate getting preachy, so I’ll close with this – it’s been an AWESOME summer building this place with you and we’re working on spreading the word and getting more funding to build more features for our mountain biking and bmx friends. Big things are coming over the next year. The park is open year round as long as it’s dry and/or frozen, so keep on getting out there and tearing it up!


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