Download our vision document as a pdf (11.7 Mb) here: http://www.andrespark.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/VisionAndresPark.pdf

In Partnership with Chicago Area Mountain Bikers (CAMBr) and the Village of Carpentersville, we have teamed up to develop Keith Andres Memorial Park into a 25 acre bike park dedicated to family friendly active recreation. Our goal is to develop a world class facility that will introduce people to the sport of off road cycling as well as challenge the most experienced riders in a safe, sustainable and natural environment.

The development of community bike parks has advanced rapidly in the past several years, with new facilities such as Valmont bike park in Boulder, Colorado, being complimented by several dozen smaller parks across North America. Providing a location for riders to partake in bike-optimized trails and appealing to a wide range of skills, bike parks become physical centers for the millions of mountain bicyclists who live in urban areas.

One of the objectives of a bike park is to offer a training ground for riders to improve their skills so they can better enjoy mountain bike trails both locally and regionally. Practicing maneuvers instills the muscle memory and mental preparedness for when natural obstacles present themselves on a trail. For this reason, skills trails are included in most bike parks.

Andres Bike Park will contain feature sets for several different styles of riding disciplines.

  • Progressive Terrain/Slopstyle area
  • 2 progressive Pump Tracks areas
  • Progressive skills terrain area
  • Progressive flow style trails
  • Downhill style trails
  • Progressive singletrack trails

Learn more about our park’s namesake >

Small Gift Suggestions You Can Send Through Mail

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If you will be sending gifts through mail, here are some gift suggestions: cigarettes, small flower vases, teddy bears or stuffed toys for the kids, or linen materials for people who sew. While these may be simple and common gifts, it is recommended that you send something that is not readily available in the recipient’s area if possible.

You can send small items that will also cost you less when it comes to fees but note that shipping companies have a set of guidelines that you should follow when packing them. Remember that your gift has a high chance of being cheap michael kors purses thrown, stacked or shoved around while it is in transit. While guidelines may be different in some aspects, the general shipping guidelines are the same.

First, you should use the proper material when shipping such as sturdy boxes, strong packing cheap replica michael kors tape, and the shipping label. This can michael kors cheap ensure that your gift will not get lost, damaged, or discarded.

Next, for small breakable items, Michael Kors handbag outlet you should consider double boxing them, put in crushed styrofoam, and wrap them in bubble wrap to avoid breakage. For items that are liquid, fake michael kors place them in airtight and sealed containers to avoid spills and leaks. Remember that it will be a hassle for everyone if your package leaks onto other packages.

As a general rule, you should declare or if you have other options, refrain from sending valuables such as jewelries or precious stones. Small items that do not have high value such cheap michael kors as small baptism or wedding favors like wedding keychains, are great items to send cheap michael kors bags in the mail.

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